Thursday, June 6, 2013

Where to eat in Sedona

1) L'auberge de Sedona --- What to order: This restaurant has a very nice view to the Oak Creek. It is nice to seat outside and to enjoy the nature and sounds of the birds. We went there on a Sunday and there was a brunch going on (it $56 per person). We asked if we can order a la carte, but it was not possible. We had to wait until 2 pm to order from the veranda bar menu. We were travelling from Texas to California, we were so hungry, and we actually got very angry with the staff at the resort. Anyway, my husband ordered the Duck Confit Sandwich. It looked like a burger, but it was more like a sandwich on a Brioche Roll. The roasted garlic aioli was tasty, as was the gastrique onion jam. There were plenty of potatoes on the side, so he was quickly satisfied.
L'Auberge Restaurant on Oak Creek on Urbanspoon

Duck Confit Sandwich with roasted garlic aioli, onion jam, and fries

I ordered the Dungeness Crab Salad. It was such a small portion for $22. A big bowl with a little bit of butter lettuce, some radishes, crumbles of blue cheese, and a tiny bit of crab. The dressing was creamy. I asked for bread and they gave me frozen toasts with butter. Not very professional for this kind of high-end restaurant. We talked with the manager, but he didn't do anything to please us. Maybe they were very busy with the brunch, but I think they should always have fresh bread and allow people to order from the menu.

Dungeness Crab salad with radishes, blue cheese, and butter lettuce

 2) Tii Gavo (Enchantment Resort) --- What to order: The Enchantment Resort is a very luxurious place. You will find different restaurants there: from casual to fine dining. Since their fine dining restaurant was extremely expensive, we decided to try Tii Gavo, which was more casual.

Tii Gavo on Urbanspoon

My husband ordered these Smoked Chicken Enchiladas. The portion was huge, so be aware (you can share it). It came with plenty of black beans, salsa verde, crema, and queso Oaxaca. He couldn't finish it and he didn't even want a dessert after that...

Smoked Chicken Enchiladas with black beans
My dish was also a super generous portion (this is why we are not going again!). The salmon was nice, but the mashed refried beans were super salty and too many. The mango salsa was a good balance and the avocado added some creaminess. There was cilantro on top, but overall the plate was not very elegant. I couldn't finish the beans, but I needed something sweet, so I did order a dessert.
Grilled Tasmanian Salmon with mango salsa
A refreshing dessert: House made gelato (strawberry and almond flavor), served in an almond tuile with mixed fruits on the side. It was very nice and sweet.

House made gelato with mixed fruits and almond tuile

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