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Where to eat in Las Vegas

1) Fleur by Hubert Keller (Mandalay Bay) --- What to order: If you are looking for a French inspired lunch go to Fleur at the Mandalay Bay. We were seated on the tables outside and it was a great place for people watching. My husband ordered the Croque Monsieur, served on a baguette with black forest ham, gruyere cheese, and béchamel. On the side there were gaufrettes (waffle shaped fries). He liked the way it was served (on a black slate) and the perfect size (not too small, not too big).
Fleur on Urbanspoon

Croque Monsieur with gaufrettes
I ordered the Flatbread with goat cheese, kalamata, piquillo peppers, pesto, and prosciutto. The crust was super thin, almost like a cracker. It was a little bit too greasy and too salty (maybe too many kalamata). It was served on a wood board and topped with micro-greens.

Flatbread with goat cheese, kalamata, pesto, and prosciutto
The dessert was the classic French Crème Brulee, served with Fresh fruits. The originality was in the serving dish: it was a long rectangular plate, placed on top of a black slate. Very nice presentation. The texture was super silky and extremely creamy!

Crème Brulee with Fresh Fruit

2) Trattoria Lupo by Wolfgang Puck (Mandalay Bay) --- What to order: Lupo is a great restaurant by the famous chef Wolfgang Puck. Located at the Mandalay Bay, it has an easy access and plenty of tables inside and outside. My husband ordered Fegato di Vitello, which is a Calf's Liver steak, served with creamy polenta, pancetta, baby onions, sage, and balsamic reduction. It was a very generous serving with plenty of juices and flavors.
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Fegato di Vitello
I got the Filetto di Salmone alla Griglia: a nice Grilled Wild King Salmon, served with Zucchini Puree, Marinated Tomatoes, Basil, and EVOO. It was so light, flavorful, and delightful. I loved it. The tomatoes were so ripe and juicy, while the puree was earthy and creamy. Real heaven!

Filetto di Salmone alla Griglia
The dessert was supreme! It was Zuccotto: glazed chocolate mousse with hazelnut crunchy wafer. Small, but bursting with flavor! Presented with fresh raspberries and lines of sauce, it was the sweetest ending ever!

3) Bartolotta (Ristorante di Mare at the Wynn Resort) --- What to order: This is one of the most expensive restaurants in Las Vegas. We had a dinner there to celebrate my husband's birthday. As you can see below, they have a large selection of fresh fish, imported daily from the Mediterranean Sea.
Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare on Urbanspoon

Fresh fish from the Mediterranean Sea
We started with the Piatto di Formaggio, which contained Robiola di Bosina, Gorgonzola, Raschera, Pecorino Toscano, and Parmigiano Reggiano. It was served with toasted walnut bread. There was plenty of cheese on the plate, but the way they served it was not very elaborate. Maybe they can put more accompaniments, like fruit, honey, and nuts.

Piatto di Formaggio
My main dish was Lasagnette con ragu di crostacei: rags of pasta, lobster, shrimp, crab, white wine, and tomato. It was nice, but very liquid. In general, I prefer drier pastas, but it was nice to soak up my bread in the broth.

Lasagnette con ragu di crostacei
The Maccheroni alla chitarra al ragu Toscano really pleased my husband. It was basically a plate of hand-rolled thick spaghetti and Tuscan meat sauce topped with grated cheese.

Maccheroni alla chitarra al ragu Toscano
This dessert was a gift for my husband from the restaurant. This was his favorite treat: Semifreddo di vaniglia Tahitiana, fichi secchi sciroppati al vino rosso, and salsa di Cioccolato amaro. In other words, this was the best Tahitian vanilla bean Semifreddo, with dried figs in red wine syrup, served with bitter chocolate sauce. It was amazing how well the figs paired with the vanilla flavor of the cream.
Semifreddo di vaniglia Tahitiana, fichi secchi, chocolate amaro
I ordered the Torta Caprese con gelato di vaniglia. It was an almond chocolate cake, with vanilla gelato, fresh raspberries, and chocolate decoration. It was nice, but not very moist. We both liked better the other dessert.
Torta Caprese con gelato di vaniglia

4) Symon @ Palms Place --- What to order: This restaurant is located next to the pool at the Palms Place hotel. The service was great and the view to the pool area was calming and nice. It is very popular place for lunch and chef Symon is famous with his Iron Chef burger. However, since I love pizza, I ordered the Wood Roasted Pizza Margherita. It was an individual size (or a little bit bigger than that) and came with mozzarella, vine ripened tomatoes, and fresh basil. The crust was thick and it had a lot of bite.
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Wood Roasted Pizza Margherita
My husband ordered the famous Black Angus Burger with Cheddar Cheese and French fries. He paired it with Black Star beer from Montana. The burger was assembled in a fancy way, topped with small yellow pepper.

Black angus burger with cheddar cheese and French fries
The dessert was the best part: Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake, served with fresh blackberries and crème fraiche. There was crumbles all over the ricotta filling, which provided a great crunch and texture. The berries were macerated and served with their juices and some rosemary!!!

Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake with fresh blackberries and crème fraiche

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